Bojan Lacman – Belgrade Graffiti Writers

Vandals, painters, writers, artists or just regular people with unordinary hobby, are some of their titles, and they are most of the time shy to talk about it publicly. Documenting  graffiti writers in Belgrade for me is one of the best experiences in life, to get close to a subculture that often is criticised among people. For their activity , they spend a lot of energy, money and are often in life threatening situations when it comes to paint on dangerous places. 

Streets of Belgrade drastically changed their aesthetics and look since the beginning of the first wave of writers in mid 90s. Nowadays you cannot find a street in the city without at least one tag or a piece. During the period of five years I was not concentrated only on taking photos of my friends, doing what they are best in, it was mostly spending a quality time with them and in the same time I always had a camera with me. Spontaneous situations, actions and such were everyday life. The lifestyle we chose is something that connected us and were I met my best friends today. 

Emotions transmitted to the wall, metal and other surfaces that were suitable for the creation of works characterise every street , a writer  and give a new stamp that will be remembered until it disappears, but will then remain in our memories of good moments. Moments which we lived and enjoyed for. It’ll be a good story one day, we were talking.

We are not ashamed to open ourselves to public space, because those moments make us happy.