Aleksandar Knežević- Beogradizmi (Belgradeisms)

Beogradizmi (Belgradeisms) are visual, bitter-sweet aphorisms about the life of Belgrade and Belgradians. With this coin I tried to describe or depict a blending of my city and my fellow citizens in moments, which, due to the collective numbness for all those things that does not physically endanger us and the mental and intellectual trapping by mobile phones, pass us completely unnoticed. Global empathycide, as I call omnipresent  extinction of empathy, has made my fellow citizens blind to the fine fabric of reality, that is made up of the incredible variety of situations and emotions in everyday life.

I chose to photograph ordinary people and their lives, serious topics I leave to others. I have seen different Belgrades and Belgradians in the past, but these are particularly interesting to me because of the incredible contrast, which is increasing day by day. The focus is on small glimpses of humanity or inhumanity, humor or bitterness, all of which in the time of empathycide can, at least for a moment, reset the viewer of my photo to “basic settings”. The title of the photo plays a significant role, and I pay a lot of attention to it.

For all the bad things that surround us, we use to say “Such as we are, such are the times”. I know we can do better.

1. Grain101 – Higher love
2. Grain102 – Nothing else matters
3. Grain103 – Echoes
4. Grain104 – Together
5. Grain105 – Voyager
6. Grain106 – Sade & Dzej
7. Grain107 – Daily bread
8. Grain108 – Braveheart
9. Grain109 – New age motherhood
10. Grain110 – Which one is mine!?
11. Grain111 – No, I’m not spoiled!
12. Grain112 – Blues for lost dreams
13. Grain113 – I’ve got nothing else to tell you my son!
14. Grain114 – Karma fixer part 1
15. Grain115 – I’ve dreams to remember

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