Jovana Semiz – Borderline of freedom

Freedom and all the consequences that the youth carries with it. Mistakes transformed into boundaries that remain on us to cross them. We matured way before, we long for freedom and days that will allow us to do absolutely anything we want without jeopardizing our future or furthering our success. A moment of ecstasy and oblivion is the moment when my photos were taken.

Sometimes I think we are trapped in that moment of omnipotence, and in search of what it has to offer, I wonder when will we feel completely free?

Do our problems come sooner, or are we just starting to act like that? Do we really feed on anything that would temporarily protect us from the truth? I grow up as my peers, and we are all equally drawn to what we are surrounded by, we are finding it increasingly difficult to accept ourselves and our needs, we are preoccupied with things that decide our future, sometimes forced to cope with a series of situations that make us tired to welcome a better tomorrow. Everyone is looking for their own way of dealing with everything that makes life difficult for them.

I don’t want an album full of beautiful photos, because we’re not just that, we’re much more.

I would not call this the best days of our lives as I often hear, but I view this more as a process where we understand what our best days should look like.

We cannot know what it means to be happy, satisfied, fulfilled until we push ourselves to the limit of our possibilities, to the limits that constitute personal freedom.