Nikola Pazarski – Don’t forget to send a telegram


Vacation as any other, in theory starts immediately, in practice only after seventh day the process of acclimatization ends, while the life at see goes by not caring about your vacation. Geographic setting is the second largest Greek island, Evia. However, the idea was to make a portrait of the island from only one point, touristic town Pefki and its surroundings.

The islanders do not change their lifestyle for the tourists, in spite of large growth in tourism, while the opaque fields of olives bring harmony and unburdened by the incomers.

The attempt was to make a series of postcards from the seaside, so anyone can choose one regardless of where you’ve gone swimming. Even if you don’t like any, it might help revoke the memories with the taste of salt in your mouth or the sound of the waves breaking in your ears. In any case, don’t forget to send your mom a postcard from the seaside, let’s keep the tradition, as the Greeks do.