Loay Ayyoub – Gaza reality : Story of Ahmed


One moment was enough to change his life forever and turn it upside down, and to increase the burden on him, as if not enough suffering and pain. Ahmed Akram al-Dali, 25, from Khan Yunis, was hit by a missile in the recent war on the Gaza Strip in 2014, after which one of his legs was amputated. 

Ahmed, who supports two children in his modest home, lives in a cold and cold winter house. Rain infiltrates into his children’s bed, but it is warm and old with the love that surrounds him. In the face of his amputation, Ahmed found himself in two ways, either to succumb to the circumstances of his injury or to fight and fight for his dreams. Of course, the first option was unacceptable to him, with the help of his crutches Ahmed decided to continue the confrontation, decided to conquer and challenge everything that would steal his dreams and hopes . Before the injury Ahmed had a great dream to represent his country in football matches where he was a distinguished player in Khan Yunis Sports Club, and despite the new obstacle in his life and his love of football, occasionally goes to practice his favorite hobby. 

Ahmed works to repair the wheels of the air, and what he gets after the trouble of a long day crumbs is not enough to meet the hunger of his children and not even the minimum needs and living requirements. Ahmed’s case is not an isolated case in Gazan society, but his condition is widespread. Hundreds of young people in the Gaza Strip suffer amputations due to Israeli terrorism, with little or no attention from the official authorities. 

By: Loay Ayyoub