Nikola Pazarski – BELA CRKVA: Too self-aware




My first encounter with Bela Crkva and its surroundings happened two years ago in the summer period, as a stage for a whole day of swimming at one of the six lakes in the vicinity of the town. Summer heat, cooling down in the water and deep shade, as well large number of swimmers and campers, turned my sight away from the town and its baroque glory.

The next encounter occurred by chance, out of the need to feel the silence. A winter weekend getaway to Bela Crkva, empty streets and camera viewfinder that sets the direction searching for what is clear from the start. There is no one to breathe in the warmest weekend of this winter. Germany and Czechia  are new job oasis of former residents of this visually appealing south Banat town, or at least, that is what the waitress from one of the two empty restaurants said. The nature has slowly crawled in the town and it is becoming a set design of a silent movie. Not out of the need for a silent form, but out of the lack of the protagonists adding dialogue.