Svilen Nachev – Animal planet



Understanding what means to be human is impossible without looking at our relationship with animals. From ancient drawings in caves and the symbolism of zodiac signs to agriculture to zoos and pets, animals have been part of human imagination. This reflection on our ability to connect with sentient life and derive a symbolic meaning from it distinguishes us as species. The instant, non-verbal communication of the animal gaze has a somewhat spiritual quality, albeit often with unequal balance of power, acting as a mirror to prompt a deeper understanding of ourselves and what we value.

Born in 1979 in the small bulgarian town of Svishtov located on Danube river, Svilen Nachev is interested in photography since his teens, but started shooting the streets in 2011. For him, photography is passion, enjoyment, an escape from the ordinary, way of documenting life and expressing himself. His main reason to shoot is to take better pictures, exploring the streets for something hidden and to catch a glimpse of what life was like for the next generations. Svilen Nachev is a member of The Bulb Collective, group of photographers active in urban (and rural) photography with an expressive shift to include highly aesthetic and poetic images in their assignments. They share the same vision but not the same perspective which gives the necessary “polyphony” in their extremely ambitious endeavour to cover all the aspects of the Balkan neorealism.

text: Irina Gyurcheva