Dafna Josha – Jerusalim

There is a magical quality about the Old City of Jerusalem that does not exist anywhere else in the world. It is due to the glorious history of the towering stone walls and ancient buildings, it is the sacred atmosphere that surrounds the holy sites of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religions. The enchanting quality of the Old City of Jerusalem, which was originally built by King David, may also come from the colorful markets and narrow alleyways, or from the city’s dynamic history – a history woven with war and peace, love and hate, destruction and resurrection. Inside the Old City reside next to each other many people from various ethnic groups who meet with each other in the allyes of the hectic market. Along with them there are many tourists who come for a visit in the holly places with a wish to pray and to feel the City’s astonishing history and holiness. The Old City’s streets are therefore pretty busy. Many religious ceremonies are held within and near the holy places and it is quite a fascinating anthropological experience to participate or just watch those moments. A holy atmosphere is felt everywhere. The visitors in the holy places are filled with belief and excitement knowing that their personal prayer is heard and goes up to heaven.
The Old City is an excellent site for photography. A wide variety of characters from different parts of the world are seen in the streets. Many types of dressings, voices, behaviors and colors are seen everywhere which turn the photography process into a diversified and special experience. Occasionally feelings and beliefs overload the visitors and then the photography experience becomes even greater. In those sites one should behave in a cautious way in order to avoid hurting the people’s emotions and in order to respect each person in his personal moments.
I like especially the morning time when the alleys wake up and the voices and scents join the experience of vision. I can find an interesting alley and wait till something interesting happens. Sometimes I choose to sit near the entry of a church and watch the praying people walk by. I may even follow an unknown person who looks interesting and wander where we may arrive to together…