Frank Blasquez – Albuquerkue war zone


 I explore the counter-narrative within the periphery of Albuquerque, New Mexico in the United States. Many of my subjects are felons, victims of substance abuse, gang members, and sex-workers; some are not. I tend to focus around those who identify as Mexican, Mexican-American, Latinx, Chicanx, Spanish, and/or Hispanic. Pertaining to the gangs of New Mexico, 18th street and factions associated with Sureños 13 are the most prevalent. Others include: East Side San Jose 16, South Side, South Side San Jose, Los Padillas, BWP, Burqueños, Los Carnales, West Side Locos, 1706, and many more. Some of these are strictly male-prison gangs. Exploring these subjects is dangerous. I almost died by armed robbery in October of 2017. Three gunmen attempted to murder me execution style. Luckily, I escaped with my life, and a new vision to keep pushing forward to show the rest of the world why New Mexico operates the way it does.  Above all, I deliver the New Mexican symbols that some people tend to ignore intentionally and unintentionally. It is my obligation to exhibit these signifiers.